Is Alexa the best available voice assistant right now?

Is Alexa the best available voice assistant right now?


Most homes have smart home devices. These devices have automated almost everything in one’s household. Everything ranging from TV episodes to music to movies can run on screen devices. It can be heard or viewed across all devices having an internet connection. Modern technology has also made it easier to control different appliances in your home from your laptop or phone.

However, one specific device allows you to control all the other devices around the house. It is the voice assistant. Your voice assistant allows you to modify and access functions of all the other smart devices without keeping track of the remote or even getting up from the couch. Voice assistants are so much more than the cool male or female voice that you hear, which answers your questions, gives you your daily schedule, tells you about your appointment, tells you the weather report, calls someone on your behalf and plays the song of your choice. The voice assistant also allows you to control each and every device present in your home from almost anywhere. If you wish to upgrade your home to the point where every device is controlled by voice, you need a voice assistant right now.

The major players in the voice assistant industry

The primary players in the voices and industry right now are Google, Amazon, and Apple. Amazon started the voice assistant program with its famous Alexa. After Alexa, Amazon has launched many more products which utilize Alexa as the technology. Google has come up with its Next series, which is acting as a competitor to Alexa, while Apple has HomePod, which is powered by Siri. Apple has also released a full-sized HomePod, but it has recently been discontinued. However, there are compact versions of HomePod mini which are still in the competition.

Compatibility to voice assistants

The value of a voice assistant depends on multiple factors. Only having a cool crisp male or female voice is not enough. Your voice assistant should be able to access the apps on your phone and laptop, complete simple tasks like messaging someone, calling someone on your behalf, et cetera. If you are planning to get a voice assistant installed for the house, the voice assistant should be ready to follow verbal commands like switching off and on of the thermostats, switching your devices on and off, switching the light bulbs et cetera.

Which is the best voice assistant in the market at the moment?

Currently, Alexa can be referred to as the best voice assistant available in the market. The reasons for Alexa taking the ground are as follows.


Voice assistants are used for a variety of functions, like asking about the top headlines of the hour and reminding you of a meeting you have scheduled for the day. Some voice assistants like Alexa also let their users give them follow-up commands. After the first command, you can give a follow-up command to Alexa, and Alexa will follow up the second command without the need of being woken up or reactivated. As per the latest research in the tech industry, Alexa is learning much quicker than all of its competition.

Smart home support

Voice assistants should be ready to work with all other smart home appliances. Most voice assistants have been known to work with other smart home appliances like Philips hue light etc. Even in this section, Alexa has shown to be the brightest. It is compatible with over 7000 brands of smart home devices. This is a huge margin compared to its competitor Google assistant, which is compatible with 1000 brands, while Siri has only shown compatibility with 50 brands. The technology of Google assistant is developing fast and quickly, but Alexa is still far ahead in the competition.

Easy shopping access

Voice assistants do not allow you to shop. This is where Alexa gives you an extra edge. Alexa offers its users a seamless shopping experience if they choose to shop from Amazon. With the use of Alexa, you can place, track and cancel the orders. You can also enquire about the details of your orders with Alexa and find out if there are any new offers or discounts going on on Amazon.

Problems with Alexa

Every smartphone assistant has its own pros and cons. Alexa has been observed to not always provide the most relevant answers to the questions asked. This can probably be because Alexa is now answering more questions than before. Thus, there has been an elevation in the inaccurate responses. Alexa is still on the learning curve, and this is not the best of it we have seen so far. It will take a while and practice to press the correct questions from the user’s side to get accurate responses from Alexa.

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