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If you are looking for information about bathroom styles, you will find hundreds and hundreds of different ways to decorate your bathroom in shopping malls, lifestyle and decor magazines, newspapers, the Internet, etc.

However, before you look for information on bathroom decor items, you need to know your taste and style of the bathroom in order to install these items properly.

The problem is that many people are unaware of the styles and their distinctive features. The result is often chaos, where expensive faucets and accessories make it impossible to find everything you need, or where important functional items are place in prominent and unattractive places so they don’t get lost. A problem that can easily be solve with simple information about bathroom styles .

The most important aspect of designing a new bathroom is choosing the style you want to have. The bathroom should be functional and practical, but the look of the bathroom is also important.

Styling your small bathroom can also make it look bigger. Country style and French style bathrooms look small and unkempt. In contrast, a modern bathroom is elegant, spacious and open.

That’s why we discuss different bathroom design options and their characteristics.

There are three main styles of bathroom design: country style, modern style and traditional style. These three styles are clearly differentiate by colors, fittings and fine details.

Modern style:

The modern style is a minimalist style know for its consistency. It is clean, clear and elegant, with simple, straightforward interiors in which wood and stone surfaces play an important role.

It is applicable in homes with modern interiors. The emphasis is on textures, materials, lines, lighting and sharp edges.

Use neutral colors such as white, black, cream tones, earth tones and shades of gray. However, if you want to feel more energetic in your bathroom, you can paint the wall in an accent color without disturbing the overall sobriety of the modern bathroom. However, you can’t use an eclectic style for your entire bathroom if it’s that modern.

Some of the key features of a modern bathroom are brushe metal faucets, textured cotton fabrics, natural stones, freestanding tubs and logical lighting.

Modern bathrooms include:

– Use furniture with clean, crisp lines and smooth surfaces.

– Furniture should be made of light wood, such as maple or teak, with minimal grain.

– You can use 304 stainless steel, clear glass, chrome and nickel furniture.

– If you paint the walls, choose shades of brown, taupe, cream or pure white. However, neutral does not mean boring, so you should decorate the room with small touches of brighter colors.

– For example,

You can paint the wall an accent color, install a bright red sofa or add bright accessories such as decorative pillows, towels, rugs or artwork. Just be careful not to use too many accessories – the key to modern design is restraint.

– Lighting plays the most important role in modern design by illuminating the interior. Electric tracks are very popular in modern design.

– Natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen and cotton are use to upholster chairs. However, with cushions, mats or brooches, you can bring bright colors or geometric patterns into the design.

– Stainless steel, nickel and chrome are the predominant metals for modern bathroom sinks.

– Glass shelves can be use to give the bathroom an urbane look.

– To make the bathroom look more interesting, you can highlight one of the walls with textured paint or linen wallpaper.

– Soft mats, towels or fabric shower curtains can be use in the bathroom.

– Floors in a modern apartment should be flat and made of wood, tile or vinyl.

Country style:

Country style is very simple, making it suitable for everyone. It doesn’t require a big investment. It is a small transformation – actually means you are transforming your home.

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